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And the wonderful clear, pure air wells into your lungs the while by voluptuous inhalations, and makes the eyes bright, and sets the heart tinkling to a new tune-- or, rather, to an old tune; for you remember in your boyhood something akin to this spirit of adventure, this thirst for exploration, that now takes you masterfully by the hand, plunges you into many a deep grove, and drags you over many a stony crest.

Robert Louis Stevenson, 1905
Essays of Travel from Project Gutenberg.

A Living Stage-Reflections From South Africa

A Living Stage-Reflections From South Africa

The 2002 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, South Africa was a gathering of performers with stories to tell. The festival's storytellers shared their stories through words, music and performance. A team of student-journalists at the festival listened intently to the stories and then ventured into the communities of Grahamstown in search of the origins of those tales. The website contains the stories those student-journalists found.

Gnawa Stories

Image of the Gnawa.

Somewhere in Morocco, between African Shamanism and Islam, and between primitive traditions and modernity, you will find the Gnawa, mystical musician healers from Morocco. From a marginalized subculture to "official" representatives of Moroccan culture, many Gnawa have undergone a dramatic transition in the past decade. This is the first multimedia website project of its kind dedicated to the Gnawa. Mixing video, audio, photographs and text, Gnawa Stories takes you inside the uncharted waters of this secret world, and explores the Gnawas' commitment to connect with their traditions while adapting to a new Global Age.
Attention: This site requires Macromedia Flash software to operate properly. Get it here.



Himachal is situated in the heart of western himalayas in India. The state is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the North, and Uttar Pradesh in the South-East. Haryana is in the South and Punjab is in the West. Most of the people in Himachal depend on agriculture for livelihood. The web site is about Himachal Pradesh--its geography, its people, its history--and contains resources that might help you learn more about this northern Indian state.



The íCuba! site is everything Cuba. The site includes resources about Cuban rumba music, including the Cuban Musician's Photo Gallery with photo, links to pages about cuban music, other collections of photos from Cuba, photos from the studio of artist Manuel Moinelo Pineiro in Matanzas, Cuba and other various resources.

The San Pedro de Atacama Project

The San Pedro de Atacama Project.

Twenty-two students from two universities, on two continents, speaking two languages gathered for 10 days in the Atacama desert of northern Chile in July, 2001, to push the limits of documentary multimedia storytelling. Under the guidance of Professor Rich Beckman from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Professor Cristobal Edwards from the School of Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, student journalists, equipped with the latest digital video and still cameras, digital audio recorders and laptop computers produced this Web site.

Karen Human Rights Group

Karen Human Rights Group

The Karen Human Rights Group is a small and independent group documenting the human rights situation of ordinary people in rural Burma. The group was first formed in December 1992 to help villagers in rural Burma to get their story to the outside world by translating their stories and testimonies into reports for worldwide distribution, accompanied by supporting photos and documentary evidence of the human rights situation.

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