Funtoo Linux

Funtoo is a variation on Gentoo Linux. From an installation perspective, the main difference between Funtoo Linux and Gentoo Linux is that Funtoo Linux has a different Portage tree. We store our Portage tree in a git repository. Our Portage tree does track the Gentoo repository (we import Gentoo changes almost every day,) but our tree does contain some significant changes from Gentoo's tree.


Bolix is a powerful, open Linux distribution designed to bring Linux to the masses. It's specially created for desktop usage with a focus on showcasing great free software and making Linux easy to use.

Net Linx

Net Linx is remastered and preconfigured linux 4.31 with Firefox and Skype.


Linux distribution set up to bypass web censorship. Set up to automatically bypass the Australian Internet censorship program.


JULinuXP, as in Just Use Linux XP, is based on Ubuntu. Its OS is engineered to look like Windows XP. JULinuXP is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor it as they see fit.

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