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Excavating Occaneechi Town
Archaeology of an Eighteenth-Century Indian Village in North Carolina

Beginning the Dig native pottery from Fredricks site
Students cleaning and sorting artifacts Interactive Electronic Dig

A long time ago, the hilly land that is now called the Piedmont of Virginia and North Carolina was the home of our ancestors, the Yésah, a people who had lived in peace and balance with their world for centuries. Their numerous villages and towns were spread along the same fertile river valleys and meadows that are so abundant today.Through their painstaking work, RLA archaeologists have been able to paint a picture of a people during a period of transition.

Occaneechi Town was excavated one square at a time. The first step in excavating a square is to remove the top layer of soil that has been disturbed by modern farming, called the plow zone. It is usually a dark soil about one foot deep that has been repeatedly turned and mixed by the plow. This soil is dug out with shovels and tossed through a half-inch screen, which catches the artifacts. Native pottery comprises one of the most abundant and ubiquitous classes of artifacts recovered at the Fredricks

 David Martin (son of Sam Martin) and wife Adeline Jeffries (c. 1890)

site. The plow zone contains artifacts that were laying on the ground at the time Occaneechi Town was abandoned.

Excavating Occaneechi Town is a complete, fully searchable record of all the excavated contexts and recovered artifacts from Occaneechi Town. In addition to describing the archaeology of the site and interpreting what was found, this report contains over 1,000 full-color photographs and maps, and detailed information for over 100,000 analyzed artifacts. The report also contains an archaeological teaching tool, called the Electronic Dig, which allows students to design their own research strategies and re-excavate Occaneechi Town.

Fully Awake: The Black Mountain College Experience
a documentary film
drawing class

Black Mountain College was created in 1933 as an experiment of "education in a democracy," with the idea that the creative arts and practical responsibilities are equal in importance to the development of the intellect. The emphasis was that learning and living are intimately connected. Dramatics, music, and the fine arts were regarded as an integral part of the life of the college. No student held a job through college but everyone,


faculty and students alike, participated in work on the farm operated by the college, constructed buildings, did maintenance work, served meals, etc. Many classes were held at night and none were scheduled in the afternoons in order to allow time for work on the campus. There was no organized athletic program as it was thought there should be no sharp distinction between work and play.

Some Black Mountain College firsts:

  • Black Mountain College was the first American experimental college boasting complete democratic self-rule, extensive work in the creative arts, and interdisciplinary academic study
  • First geodesic dome built by Buckminster Fuller in 1948
  • First multimedia happening occurred at Black Mountain College in 1952, staged by John Cage
  • The Black Mountain Review, from 1954-1957, published influential authors including Beat Writer Allen Ginsberg

Fully Awake: The Black Mountain College Experience, is a documentary film project that explores the college's history and cultural impact.

Carolina Electronic Public Information - statistical data in tables, charts, maps or reports

Need statistics? Resources for statistical information on virtually anything throughout the world.

The site links to statistical data in tables, charts, maps or reports and provides the navigational tools for easy access. The emphasis is on the latest available tabular data from reputable public sources currently on the Web. Entries are regularly updated for this focus. Categories for statistical information:

internet history break -

View some videos from the past - 1992 was barely out of the glowing green text on a black background computer monitor era. These folks were leading the pack with what animation could be. These animations are in MP format (a precursor of mp3) and should open in your media player window.

From 1992 - the video archive. See the bird walk; see him dance; look all around at the bird. Note that this bird has more than the default 16 colors of the day!

1993 - zip through space in the movie 'Alien' Xing compatable, done with Vista Pro 3.0 for the IBM.
Done by Robert Kimmel rkimmel@stein.u.washington.edu

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