The semi-visible heart of is its ever-increasing collection of photos, audio-files, videos and links for local bands. The site also includes upcoming shows, NC music history, NC music blogs, and information on the a.m.c-h listserv.

The Pipe Organ

This project is the first step in a larger program designed to revive interest in the pipe organ. The organ is an incredible instrument but needs more organists and audiences if it is to be appreciated in the future. The site's hope is that as the public learns more about the pipe organ, public support for it will increase. This site will explain how the organ works.

The B.B. King Archive

This archive is comprised of the recordings and images of Dr. William Ferris, professor of history and Senior Associate Director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The majority of the items date from the mid-1970s, when Dr. Ferris first met King at Yale University. The two have maintained a relationship for three decades. More of Dr. Ferris's materials, as well as possible additions from other collections, will be added. The archive was created in April, 2004, and is an ongoing project of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Ferris Collection is part of the Southern Folklife Collection at UNC Chapel Hill. Digitization funding courtesy of Dr. Gary Marchionini's Boshamer Professorship.

The music community was created in the summer of 1998 to circulate high-quality live concert recordings. members trade music electronically. Files are compressed using LosslessEncoding schemes to shorten transfers enough so that anyone with a broadband connection can participate.

Asian Classical Music

The music on these web pages is all from recordings, most often cassettes, that are either out of print, only available in the country of origin, or both. In most cases, they appear here with the gracious permission of either the artists or the recording companies.

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