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VCL Acceptance in the Apache Incubator Project!

Congratulations to Matt Hogstrom, Aaron Peeler, and Mladen Vouk on their proposal being accepted by the Apache Incubator Project. The Apache Incubator Project is dedicated to facilitating the smooth entry of valid new and donated code bases and community projects into the Apache Software Foundation.


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The NPR Booklist

The NPR Booklist was created in May 1993 by the staff of WUNC Radio as a way to help local bookstores get needed information about books they heard discussed on the station. Gradually more bookstores were added onto the mailing list as well as libraries. In Fall 1993, the list started getting posted on a listserver for public radio affiliates. In January 1994, it went world-wide, being posted on several USENET groups including rec.arts.books, alt.radio.networks.npr and triangle general. All booklists from June 1993 - December 1999 are currently available on ibiblio.


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History FTP Site

Originally hosted by Marshall University, this archive was last actively maintained in the mid-90s. It features historical texts on many subjects, including internet, ethnic, and military history. Ibiblio is proud to maintain a mirror of its content.


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White House Papers

This collection contains all official documents issued by the White House from April of 1993 to May of 1999.


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"The UNC Office for Information Technology--Computing Services BBS is a public, Internet-based Bulletin Board System. Users can connect to it via Telnet, or over dial-up lines if they have access to an Internet port. Direct dialup is available at UNC for those without Internet access. With this arrangement, the vast majority of users can connect to the BBS without a communications charge."


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Joining the Global IP Internet

"With the availability of easily configured IP routers that can use the Public Switched Telephone System, the network of IP internets is growing phenomenally. There are many advantages to IP networks. One of the biggest advantages is the existance of the global IP Internet..."


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The Historic Linux Archive

The Historic Linux Archive includes snapshots of the early linux archives including sunsite.unc.edu and tsx-11.mit.edu. It also includes early distributions such asMCC (Manchester Computing Center) and SLS (Softlanding Linux Systems) which were the first attempts to make linux easy to install and use. The early Redhat releases are also included, along with early Suse, Debian, Slackware, and Blade.