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Happy 14th Birthday Linux

the 14th Birthday of Linux

:Linux:: /lee'nuhks/ or /li'nuks/, *not* /li:'nuhks/
/n./ The free Unix workalike created by Linus Torvalds and friends starting about 1990 (the pronunciation /lee'nuhks/ is preferred because the name `Linus' has an /ee/ sound in Swedish). This may be the most remarkable hacker project in history -- an entire clone of Unix for 386, 486 and Pentium micros, distributed for free with sources over the net (ports to Alpha and Sparc-based machines are underway). This is what {GNU} aimed to be, but the Free Software Foundation has not (as of early 1996) produced the kernel to go with its Unix toolset (which Linux uses). Other, similar efforts like FreeBSD and NetBSD have been much less successful. The secret of Linux's success seems to be that Linus worked much harder early on to keep the development process open and recruit other hackers, creating a snowball effect.

The Ibiblio Linux Archive

Linux Penguin

ibiblio has been involved with Linux since its founding in 1992. ibiblio currently hosts over 171 gigabytes of Linux programs and documentation, with many of the most popular Linux distributions available at a snap. ibiblio also hosts mirrors of some of the most popular Linux distributions. Research at ibiblio includes methods to make the Linux distributions easier to discover and use through the Linsearch, which utilizes the Linux LSMs. If you prefer, you can view the ibiblio Linux distributions with an ftp view You're also welcome to submit your own Linux distribution or software to keep the ball rolling.

Ibiblio Torrents

ibiblio torrent logo.

Ibiblio launched torrent.ibiblio.org as a dedicated site for hosting BitTorrent files, especially torrents for Linux iso's and other open source files. Users can create accounts for themselves and post their own torrents. Some of the torrents on the site are "permaseeded" using ibiblio's Osprey software, recently featured on Slashdot. Osprey is a peer-to-peer enabled content distribution system. A metadata management system for software and document collections enables local and distributed searching of materials. Items are available for download directly via URL or indirectly via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol.

The Linux Documentation Project


The Linux Documentation Project (LDP) is also celebrating an anniversary this month: ten years working on developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to provide a collaboratative atmosphere to identify the issues involved in tackling Linux documentation, and to make this documentation freely available. These tasks includes creation of "HOWTOs" and "Guides" for various Linux programs (many Linux distributions include a complete LDP document set with the installation to help the newcomer as well as the more experienced), with the ultimate goal of establishing a canonical system of documentation for Linux that will be free and easy to use and search. The LDP is essentially a loose team of volunteers with minimal central organization. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to join in this effort.


Sourceforge Logo

SourceForge is the world's largest Open Source software development site, providing free hosting to thousands of projects. Sourceforge currently hosts over 60,000 software projects and has over 600,000 registered users, and has rapidly become the main source for individuals and businesses to find the Open Source software they need. Sourceforge started in November of 1999, and ibiblio has been a Sourceforge mirror site almost since the beginning.


Groklaw logo.

Groklaw is an open source legal research project maintained by Pamela Jones, a paralegal who tracks the SCO vs. IBM litigation. The site investigates SCO's litigations against IBM and Linux and provides legal research and which helps to clear the cloud of misinformation and confusion surrounding the case. The site contains commentary and links to all relevant court and SEC filings.


LinuxFocus Logo

LinuxFocus is a free, international online Linux magazine. The magazine is hosted by the Linux Documentation Project and is managed and produced by Linux volunteers, fans and developers. LinuxFocus features articles on administration, hardware, applications, and kernel news, and is currently published in English, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

All resources hosted at ibiblio. Browse our collection index for more sites and information.
Last updated September 01, 2005.

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