The Mind Uploading Homepage

The Mind Uploading home page is dedicated to the putative future process of copying one's mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans. This technology will radically alter society in many ways, as science fiction authors have begun to illustrate. Through this server, explore the science behind the science fiction!

Science for Monks

Science for Monks is a website created for a science education project by the Library of Tibetan Works & Archives of Dharamshala, India. Science for Monks aims to provide hands-on science and math education to advanced scholars within the Tibetan monastic community in India through educational workshops. The website contains information about the project, the people involved, the curriculum and the workshops themselves along with information about the Library.

Physics of Ice-Ages and Geology

Geologists know that there have been several ice ages before the last one, and that they occurred about 200 million years apart. It is also known that each ice age followed a mountain formation, and that the mountains and the ice ages became progressively larger. However, there is no agreement on the causes of these phenomena. In this web-site is disclosed a new theory which naturally accounts for these events.

North Carolina Section of the International Dark-Sky Association

The North Carolina Section of the International Dark-Sky Association represents North Carolina's first significant consolidated effort to reduce the sources of light pollution and light trespass in our local skies. We are losing our heritage of starry night skies. Terrestrial lights shining inefficiently into the night sky threaten to destroy the spectacular views the heavens offer. Even worse, this "light pollution" wastes energy and provides no benefit to society.

Inner Peace

Inner Peace is free self-help software for inner peace. Use Inner Peace. Find inner peace. Share Inner Peace. Imagine the whole world in inner peace. Yes, inner peace is possible.

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