I Hear A Rumbling
I hear a rumbling underground.
I hear a rumbling. . . .
I hear my brothers underground
I hear a rumbling.

I hear an earthquake underground
I hear a rumbling.
I hear the red man underground
I hear a rumbling.

I hear the dead men from their graves
I hear them speaking
I hear the starving underground
I hear the rumbling

I hear Chicanos underground
I hear them grumbling
I hear the prisoners underground
I hear a rumbling

I hear a rumble and a grumble
I hear a rumbling
I hear the yellow and the brown men
I hear a rumbling

There are rockets in the air
There is a rumbling
There is lightning in the sky
There is a rumbling

I hear my children crying "Bread"
I hear my children crying "Peace"
I hear the farmers crying "Bread"
I hear the soldiers crying "Peace"

There is a rumbling. . . .

Guns and butter will not help.
We want Peace.
Dollars and the marketplace
We want Bread.

When the volcanoes erupt
We want Peace.
Bread and Peace are not enough;
Freedom too.

I hear a rumbling. . . .

They have boxed us in a coffin
They have chained us to a rock

How long will their prices rise
to the skies?
How long must my children cry
to the skies?

How long will my people starve
How long will the prisoners cry

Christ is coming, so they say
In the skies.
Worlds will be blown away
To the skies.

Will the earthquake underground
And the lightning in the skies
Peace and Bread and Freedom come
And the dead below arise?

There's a rumbling in the air
There's a lightning in the skies
There's a rumbling and a grumbling
And the walls of prisons breaking.

I hear a rumbling underground
I hear rumbling.
Don't you hear the children crying?
Don't you hear the mothers weeping?

Blown to bits this craven crowd
Blown to bits these plastic people

Will you laugh or shout or cry?
Will you gloat and scream and die?
From the people everywhere
I have heard them here and there

Give us Freedom give us Peace
Give us Bread and Freedom, too
I hear rumbling underground
Peace and Bread and Freedom, too.

We will seize the power-mad
We will seize the guns and bread

Give us Freedom, Give us Peace
I hear rumbling underground
Bread and Peace and Freedom too
I hear rumbling underground.