Goddamn these cats are cute!

Yeah, I never thought I would be one of those cat people who put their animals' pictures up on a web page, but I was wrong. Oh well.



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everette kitty

Everette (yes, with an extra 'e' - he came pre-named). He has one eye which is permanently dilated but it doesn't seem to bother him. It does look pretty cool in pictures, though. He has the most faggy cat meow I have ever heard. Sheesh! You'd think you have to feed them *every* day or something.


Julia who is the smarter one (sorry Everette). She caught a mouse and she stalks things and she likes going through her kitty time tunnel. Sometimes I wonder if she will come out the other side. (The time tunnel was a gift from my mother the weekend after we got them. She has had some great cats in her time but somehow still thinks that cats play with their toys. Amazing how the cat conspiracy has her trained.)

evil everette

Here is an evil eye Everette picture. I bet he would look cool with an eye patch. He reminds me of Satchel the dog from Get Fuzzy.

kitties on bed

They do get along really well, unless Everette sniffs too much at Julia's butt, or bats her on the head, in which case she gets pissed and he is reminded that neither of them are declawed.