So this is the superheroes and supervillains party, held at 112 Windsor Circle in Chapel Hill in August, 1999. It was right before I split to travel in Europe, so it was a combo going-away party and a welcome-David party (David being our housemate who moved up from Lafayette, Louisiana, to work and play in Chapel Hill). Have fun with these pics - I sure did. (And thanks Mara for dealing with the cops - again!)

Sorry I didn't get these up earlier to embarass people sooner. :-) Nothing fancy happens with the links - they just go to a larger version of the picture. Just hit 'back' to return to the page.

Aaron, Melanie, Greg

Aaron, Greg, and Melanie contemplate something.

Arlena, KJ

Look who's a drinking fool! Look!


Sexy boots are a mainstay of superheroes everywhere.

Crazy Dave

He's crazy, he's wacky, he's DAVID!

Doc, Ira

Doc and Ira pose sweetly for the camera.

TJ, Gina

Do supervillains lick ears very often?


One of the better crotches I have seen.

Aleks, KJ

He told me to do it!


Allison, viewed from above.

Vitamin A-venger

The Vitamin A-Venger strikes again.


Doug shares a laugh in the kitchen.

Gina, TJ

I suppose that answer is 'yes', then?


Oi! They're not really scat goggles, innit!

Lenhart, Doug, Simon

Simon is the only one who pays attention.

Lenhart, Sarah

Drunken love in the kitchen, with Jeremy in the background.

Sam's Feet

Sam showcases her feet.

Marcus, demonic

Marcus really yearns for the return of Tesla.

Mary, Jorge, Andy

The dynamic trio of Mary, Jorge, and ... The Scrambler!

Marcus, chair

Finally, a place to sit down.


Sure that's spelled right?

Melanie, with teddy bear

Melanie's teddy bear.

Sam, hand

Sam wants you to kiss her ring.

Jodie's Neck

Jodie's feathery neck.

Mary W.

Mary's outrageous outfit!

Marcus, flasky

Have flask, will travel.



Mike G., Aleks

They look like they've known each other for years.

Mike G

Mike G., looking like Marlon Brando.

Tory, crazy

He crazy, that Tory


The Shrewmerang is in effect.

Mara, in natural habitat

Mara, in her natural habitat


Smoot, head

A view not seen very often - the top of Smoot's head

More feet!

More sexy shoes!



Good advice, TJ

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