Odonate Links (Dragonfly and Damselfly Links)

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Title: Odonate Links (Dragonfly and Damselfly Links)

Thomas Artiss


Hawaiian Odonates

Hawaiian Megalagrions

Dragonfly Society of the Americas

Royal British Colombia Museum

Nature Conservancy (Dragonflies in the Dakotas)

Contents of Odonatologica

Ode News Newsletter

Rare Odonates in Virginia

British Dragonfly Society

Slovene Dragonfly Society

Hine's Emerald Dragonfly (Endangered)

International Dragonfly Fund

Odonate Information Network

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica (SIO)

Dragonfly Facts (U of Tennessee)

Odonate Phylogeny (Tree of Life)

Owashtanong Islands Audubon Society: Dragonflies

Montana Odonates

Symnet: Newsletter of Aka-tombo Network


Systematic and Phylogenetic Odonatology (G. Bechly)

Jonathan Waage (Brown University)

University of Puget Sound

Steve Valley (Oregon)

Mike May (Rutgers University)

R. Barber (Rutgers University)

R. Cannings (Royal British Colombia Museum)

J. Robinson (University of Texas Arlington)

Mark Forbes (Carelton University)

Kelvin Conrad (University of Durham)

Texas A&M

Dennis Paulson (University of Puget Sound)

P. Logan (Rhode Island)

Amazonian Odonates

Mark McPeek (Dartmouth College)

Gordon Ramel (Exeter)

Gunter Bechley

Tanza Clark (Zimbabwe)

R. Rowe (Australia)

Rob Barber's Key to the Gomphidae

James Cook University Odonata Bulletin (Australia)

S. Hardersen (New Zealand)

R. Corcoran (Colorado State)

L. Polzol (St. Lawerence University)

Rob Baker (Erindale College, University of Toronto)


Roy Beckemeyer (Odonata of Kansas)

Swedish Dragonflies

California Odonates (Ron Lyons)

Odonata of New Brunswick (My home province)

Dragonflies and Damselflies in the UK


John Carsten's Dragonfly Page

Dragonfly Dream (Facts & Artwork)


The Odonata of South Africa

Dragonfly reference site for California species

Michigan Odonate Survey

Odonata of Maryland and Washington DC

Idaho Odonates

Alaska Odonata (U. of Puget Sound)

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Howard County, Maryland

Odonata of the Santa Monica Mountains

Indianna (Endangered, Threatened and Rare Species)

Ottawa District (Canada)

Illinois Odonata

South America by County

Mexico by State

Costa Rican Odonates

Odonata of Croatia

Cheshire Dragonflies

Odonata of the Western Palearctic

Odonata of Japan


Ohio Odonata

Ohio State University Insect Collection

Odonate Collection from Colorado State University

Odonate Collection in Missouri

Holotypes at the Smithsonian

Odonates at Red Rock Lakes NWR (Montana)

Odonate Collection at Essig Museum (Berkeley)

Systematic Compendium (NBS, California)

Odonate Collection at Cornell University

Parasites Found on Damselflies in Nebraska

Holdings at the Illinois State Museum

Ohio Odonata Survey

Cordulegaster boltonii in Great Britain

Some published articles (1964-1979)

Some published articles (1984-1992)

Characteristics of Odonate Families

Characteristics of Anisoptera


Digital Dragonflies (excellent scanned images)

Photos (131 species) from Massachusetts

Mayahyogo's Photos (Japan)

Dragonflies at Hiroshima University

Odonata of Japan by T. Aoki

Kensaku's Photos

Dragonflies from New Zealand

Sketches of Dragonflies

Ophiogomphus severus Nymph


A Fossil Dragonfly

Libellula cyanea

Damselfly in Amber

Stevem's Dragonfly Photos

Somatochlora hineana

Photographs of Fossil Odonatoptera

Photos and Drawings of Nymphs

Stylogomphus albistylus

Images from Penn. State


Article from Smithsonian Magazine (July 96)

Common Names of NA Odonates

More Dragonfly Facts

Characteristics of Anisoptera

Books About Dragonflies

The Dragonfly Museum

Fly-tying Instruction for the Blue-Mono Damsel

Fly-tying instuction for Nick's Dragonfly Nymph

Cultural Odonatology

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