Sonata Per Camera di Mandolino e Basso (Gimo 144)

by G. B. Gervasio (c.1725–c.1785)

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Instrument(s): Mandolin and Bass Style: Baroque
  Arranger(s): n/a
Opus: Not known Date of composition: 18th C.
Source: Gimo Music Collection Copyright: Public Domain    CC: No rights reserved
Last updated: 2003/Jun/24. View change history Music ID Number: Mutopia-2003/06/24-328
Typeset using: LilyPond, version 1.6.10 Part of the following collections: The Gimo Music Collection

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The Gimo music collection was collected in Italy during the first half of 1762 by the young Swede Jean Lefebure. The 19 works which are written for chamber ensemble including mandolin have been typeset by Erik Sandberg for Mutopia. More information is available from the collection's information page.

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