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Pandora Records was established in 1973. The business was active for over ten years, finally succumbing when the LP died because of the CD. The master tapes (and LPs when tapes were missing) have been archived; in addition, there is a contrib directory for other items, a small part of the University of Washington's music archives, some music of Sir James Galway and some archives of the Advent Chamber Orchestra.

Downloads are redirected to a high speed server at "Ibiblio" owned by the University of North Carolina. There is also a mirror. The archive at hebb.mit.edu no longer exists.

This archive is available for free download subject to an EFF license.


There is no login or membership requirement, or solicitation for money. Files may be taken one at a time or in bulk. Each collection has about 10 gigabytes. The entire archive may be automatically downloaded or updated by programs such as "wget". Such downloading should be done between midnight and 6AM Pacific time. Downloading with non-dns registered (phony) ip addresses may be blocked.


The files are in mp3 and ogg-vorbis format and are usually in resolution equivalent to mp3 at 256 kilobits per second. To play ogg-vorbis files see http://www.vorbis.com/setup. The program "wget" is usually available on the family of unix systems. It is often obtainable available on other platforms as well. The mp3 and ogg-vorbis hierarchies follow the same ordering.

The files are divide into 19 directories, (folders), headed by an instrument name or a musical division such as voice. To find a file below them reqires a number of "clicks" down the hierarchy.

Some of our files may be found at various sites on the internet. A few of these, such as in Wikipedia, are completely free in that there are no login restrictions or subscription requirements. Other sites are filled with free content and use advertising for income. A few sites actually state that the files originated here. However, they all benifit us by reducing traffic, and many of them are easier to use for one at time download, being in the form of a list. There is a similar form here under NEWS_X where X refers to a date. The number of files is too great to make a total list easy to handle.

To download ogg-vorbis files from Ibiblio:


If Ibiblio is slow the Mirror might be faster


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