Appendix No 3

Imperial General Headquarters Comments on
"The Principles to Cope with the Changing World Situation"

Para. 1 of the Policy

This item described the relationship between the settlement of the China Incident in keeping with changes in the world situation and the advance to the south. Measures to realize the southern advance included diplomatic negotiations as well as employment of armed strength. External and internal conditions will be improved by strengthening political unity, mainly with Germany and Italy, as well as adjusting diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia and strengthening the domestic situation.

Para. 2 of the Policy

This should be included in paragraph 1 as it refers to matters concerning measures to be taken for the southern advance before the settlement of the China Incident.

Moreover, the "changes in the policy with emphasis placed on measures for the southern areas" means changing the policy to one stressing measures for the southern advance from the present policy placing emphasis on the China incident.

Para. 3 of the Policy

Details of the various preparations mentioned in this paragraph refer mainly to arranging and accelerating war preparations and strengthening the ties with foreign countries, particularly with Germany, Italy and Soviet Russia. The maximum acceleration of these


preparations is hoped for. Moreover, when the future course of the European War is estimated, the necessity to set the target date for completion of these major preparations by the end of August is keenly felt. However, the reason that the time for completion of the preparations is not clearly indicated is that the time varies according to the nature of the preparations.

Article 1 of the Procedure

This article describes the general principles for the settlement of the China Incident and measures for the southern advance in line with the policy.

Article 2 of the Procedure

Item 1

Details concerning the strengthening of political unity with Germany and Italy will be shown in the measures now under separate study. The opinion as regards adjustment of diplomatic relations with Soviet Russia is that the previous concept of negotiations with that country must be completely abandoned and that bold measures to stabilize the northern area by a nonaggresaion pact are necessary.

Item 3-a

Indo-China's acquiescence to supply our armed forces, to allow passage of our troops and to offer airfields for our use will be sought by diplomatic measures but, in case of refusal, armed strength will be employed to carry out operations against China. Moreover, in the event of persistent continuation of aid to Chiang Kai-shek by French Indo-China in violation of her pledge or other treacherous


acts, armed strength will be employed. However, it goes without saying that the employment of armed strength will be in accordance with Imperial Order.

Furthermore, the employment of armed strength against Hongkong would be based upon a decision to wage war against Great Britain. Consequently, the employment of armed strength against Hongkong must be in accordance with the "Employment of Armed Strength" as described in Article 3.

Item 5

The "former German islands in the Pacific Ocean" denote generally the Inner South Seas islands now under a mandate to the Japanese Empire and Northeast New Guinea, as well as the Bismarck Archipelago, the "French islands" mean New Caledonia and Tahiti. The strategic value in our national defense of these islands, particularly the former German islands, is well recognized. Diplomatic measures refer mainly to political agreements between Japan and Germany.

Item 6

The "other countries in the southern area" denote Thailand and the Portuguese territories. The necessity to accelerate maneuverings so as to obtain immediately, by political measures, especially Thailand's collaboration with our policy for the southern advance, is recognized.

Article 3 of the Procedure

An immediate realization of the southern advance is hoped for, but the relationship between the employment of armed strength therefore


and the settlement of the China Incident is of particular importance and a separate solution of the two is impossible under prevailing conditions. Consequently, this article especially clarifies that relationship. Moreover, in employing armed strength, it is necessary to consider various matters such as internal and external conditions, especially the progress of settlement of the China Incident; the European situation, particularly the coalition with Germany, Italy and Soviet Russia; the United States attitude towards Japan and our war preparations. Since the employment of armed strength against Great Britain may lead to the opening of hostilities against the United States, it is necessary to complete preparations for war the United States as described herein.

Article 4 of the Procedure

This article describes the primary requisites for carrying out the measures mentioned in each preceding article. The extremely urgent necessity to accelerate the execution thereof is keenly felt. Moreover, detailed concrete measures concerning each important item of this article will be studied later.


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