Appendix No. 3

Policies Formulated by Japanese Army Authorities on 8 July 1937

1. Inasmuch as the Government's policy of localizing the Incident is thoroughly understood by the field commanders, all necessary measures in connection with this matter will be left to the discretion of the commanders stationed in China. Even if it becomes necessary to send troops to China from Japan Proper, maximum efforts will be exerted to settle the Incident within a limited area around Peiping and Tientsin.

2. In the event that the situation deteriorates causing the Incident to expand, sufficient troops will be dispatched in order to settle it immediately. The provisional plan for such reinforcements, formulated by the Army General Staff on the evening of 8 July, is as follows:

a. From the Kwantung Army: Main forces of the Jehol Brigade as well as the mechanized group, two reconnaissance squadrons, two heavy bomber squadrons, one railway battalion and two motor vehicle companies.

b. From the Korea. Army. Four infantry battalions, one field artillery battalion, one cavalry and one engineer company

c. From Japan Proper (major elements only): One medium artillery brigade, one mountain artillery regiment, two tank battalions and 16 squadrons of various types of aircraft.


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