Appendix No. 9

Operational Plans of the Third Fleet (29 July 1937)

1. Object of Operations

The Third Fleet's operational objective is to destroy the Chinese Army, Navy and Air Force in cooperation with Army forces and the Combined Fleet. At first, the Fleet will cooperate in the Army's operations against the Chinese 29th Army in the Peiping-Tientsin area by convoying the transportation of Army troops engaged in the protection of Japanese residents in various districts.

2. Principles of Operations

First Phase Operations (if the fighting area is restricted to the Peiping-Tientsin area)

(a) Strict watch will be kept over all parts of Central and South China to guard against any unexpected incidents.

(b) The residents in Shanghai and Tsingtao will remain under local military protection to the last, while those in other places will be returned home under Fleet escort, depending upon how the situation develops.

(c) Preparations for the expansion of operations will be completed promptly.

(d) The Fleet will cooperate in the operations of friendly forces in case of necessity.

Second Phase Operations (should the fighting spread throughout the whole of China).

(a) At the outset of the operations, our entire air strength will be used to destroy the enemy's air force.
(b) In the Shanghai and Tsingtao areas, strategic points will be occupied and our key positions fortified by land combat units. Air bases in their vicinity will be completed as rapidly as possible and secured.
(c) The residents in Shanghai, Tsingtao and Tientsin will


Appendix No. 9

be protected locally while those in other places will be returned home, if possible, before the start of this operation. (Directions are to be given by Central Authorities as to the time of the evacuation).
(d) Enemy naval vessels will be warned to maintain strict neutrality and not to move from their present positions. Any vessels disregarding the warning will be destroyed without delay. Depending upon circumstances, however, they may be captured or blockaded.
(e) The Fleet will escort army troop convoys, except those for the Tsingtao area, which will be escorted by the Second Fleet. It is expected that the advance unit for the Shanghai area will be either one mixed brigade or one regiment.
(f) A continuous local blockade against enemy shipping will be enforced on the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, in the coastal area of Chekiang Province and other places where our troops are stationed. (The time of the enforcement will be given in the directives of the Central Authorities.)
(g) Advance bases will be constructed in the Saddle Islands to be used for basing seaplanes, fueling Navy vessels and for other purposes.
(h) Land combat units, naval aircraft, and ships will cooperate in the operations of the Army.

3. Disposition of troops and actions to be taken by each unit.

4. Communications.

5. Supply.

6. Defense of Advance Bases.

7. Intelligence.

(Instructions for Items 3 thru 7 omitted.)


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