From: Tokyo
To: Washington
September 26, 1941
Purple (CA)

In solving so difficult a problem as Japanese-American relations, your Honor's troubles and anxieties have always been deeply appreciated by me. I can easily see that, concerning the negotiations, Your Honor's views are not infrequently at variance with mine; but as I told you in my #554 [a], this is a very serious matter and I am proceeding cautiously and deliberately. Therefore, I wish to caution you again not to add or detract a jot or tittle on your own without first getting in contact with me. In this connection, please wire me back concerning the following points:

1. Have you communicated to them the contents of my #590 [b]?

1. In your conversation with the President, did he not mention a promise on our part that we would avoid and cease any further increase in our troops stationed in French Indo-China for the sake of success in the Japanese-American negotiations? When the President stated with smiling cynicism that he expected we might occupy Thailand while the Premier and he were talking, just as we did French Indo-China while you and the Secretary of State were conferring (see your #752 [c]), did he not also refer to such a promise? I think he probably did. In view of the seriousness of matters as they stand, although I know the hour is all ready late, because of the necessity of keeping records, I want you please to go and question them again. Now when Germany (?) is becoming so aroused, we have no intention of rehashing things which have been gone over in the past. Please, also, (tell this to them?). Needless to say, there will be no changes in my #595 [d] of today, so will you please communicate it to them.

[a] See S.I.S. #22191 in which Tokyo tells Ambassador NOMURA that the texts of certain notes are decided upon  after very careful study by all of the various ministries involved. If, however, he notes any points in such messages, he should make inquiries and suggestions by cable before delivering them to the addressees. 
[b] See S.I.S. #22550-51 in which Tokyo sends Washington the text of the basic terms of peace between Japan and China.
[c] See S.I.S. #21651 and #21615 in which Ambassador NOMURA wires Tokyo of his conference with the President with regard to the meeting between Prince KONOYE and the President. 
[d] See S.I.S. #22748 in which Tokyo wires Washington the text of a proposed agreement between Japan and the United States. 
Army 22753.                                          Trans. 9/26/41 (S)