From: Tokyo
To: Net
7 December 1941
Circular #2493 (In 2 parts, complete) Secret Separate message



In regard to our handling of enemy subjects and enemy property in Japan, we will approach this matter in the magnanimity of a great nation, complying with international law as far as possible, and exercising care not to give the enemy nations or other third party nations any occasion for taking retaliatory measures, or for making unfavorable propaganda.


Main points:


(1) Diplomatic officials of enemy countries:


(a) Evacuation. The evacuation of enemy diplomatic officials will be carried out on the basis of exchanges for our diplomatic and consular officials resident in enemy countries.


(b) Handling of the above until their evacuation. The inviolable rights pertaining to diplomatic officials of enemy countries, whose duties come to an end simultaneously with the beginning of war, will be respected as a general rule. However, telephones will be cut off, and the use of both code and plain language telegrams will be prohibited. Short wave radios and wireless transmitters will be seized. Members of the staffs of embassies and legations for the present, as a general rule will be allowed to live in the embassy or legation compounds, and no inconvenience will be caused in the matter of daily living.


(2) Consular officials:


(a) Evacuation. As far as possible consular officials will be handled under the same heading with diplomatic officials.


(b) The handling of the same until the time of their evacuations: The offices will be closed and sealed. Short wave radio and wireless equipment will be seized. Members of consulate staffs for the time being will be allowed to live at their present places of abode and as far as conditions warrant may use their official residences, with no restrictions upon their daily living.


(3) Enemy subjects residing in Japan:


In addition to such police surveillance and protection as is necessary, individuals regarding whom there is ample ground for suspicion will be rounded up; and all military men, seamen, or aviation personnel as well as those qualified for these services, persons of special technical skill, persons suspected of being foreign spies, and all males between 18 and 45 will for the present be placed under arrest. However in view of the fact that we have a very large number of subjects residing in enemy territory, we will exercise caution so that there may be nothing of the nature of ill-treatment occasioned for them.


(4) Publicly owned enemy property:


Such public property, aside from embassy, legation and consular buildings, which can be used either directly or indirectly for military purposes will, if necessary, be confiscated.


(5) Privately owned enemy property: Privately owned property will not be seized or confiscated except in the event of general requisitioning.


(6) While no special restrictions will be placed upon the diplomatic and consular officials of neutral countries resident in Japan, those of quasi enemy countries (such as Panama, Iran, Norway, Belgium, Egypt, Greece, etc.) will be denied the use of codes.


The evacuation of the enemy diplomatic and consular officials who are in Manchukuo and China will be handled in the same manner as the above.

JD-1:                                     (F) Navy Trans. 12-9-41 (C-NR)