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"While Phil Lee has been known to occasionally live and travel with a pack of Northern Monkeys, he is himself a Southern Monkey, distinguishable by his lighter pelt (suitable for the warmer climate he lives in) and his primary diet, which consists of barbeque and sweet tea. Phil generally spends much of his time in his lair, watching Japanese cartoons with the Carolina Otaku Uprising, or playing board games with the Carolina Otaku Role-Playing Society of Evil and only ventures up to the Monkeylair when it's necessary to pay homage to Faye." - The Field Guide to North American Monkeys

I've been to Japan a couple of times in order to better practice my yo-yo skills in train stations. Pic 1. Pic 2.

During my last trip to Japan, I had occasion to visit the best maid cafe in Japan.

The Macross 7 Liberation Front distributed the tract Listen To My Song at Otakon 1997. After sharing literature with the masses there was a revival where many fans were introduced to the beauty that was Macross 7 and a lot of Surge was consumed. Listen To My Song was written by yours truly (with gag contributions from The Monkeys) and it was drawn by Emily Bickle, with additional art by Erik Nelson. Excessively large size tract also available.

Here is a collection of random doijinshi scans.

PhilCon 2002 was a blast. So was PhilCon 2003. PhilCon 2004 was so awesome we needed a bunch of flyers for the occasion. Flyer 1. Flyer 2. Flyer 3. Flyer 4. Flyer 5. Flyer 6. Flyer 7. Since it was feeling left out, Monkeyfest got some flyers, too. Monkeyfest 2005. Monkeyfest 2006.

Phil, Jeff and David did battle in NYC during MonkeyFest 2003. Here's the photographic evidence of their sacred mission. Phil and Jeff standing on the corner of Joey Ramone Place, David at JRP, the JRP sign itself, and CBGB.

Want to watch me suffer? Come to Animazement.

Okay, okay, it's really not that bad and I did manage to get at least one good thing out of Animazement 2002: here's a sketch of Layla from Black Heaven by the character designer.

One of the things I do at Animazement is run Hell, a calvacade of odd video clips. Here are two flyers for the 2007 Hell, available in your choice of old school rap style or obscure yet cute. There are also flyers for 2008, 2009, 2010 (along with the alternate broadsheet for 2010), 2011, 2012, and 2013.

I've also written several parody musicals (Alas, I can't write music, but cheesy gags? No problem!) which I then talked the more gullible members of the Carolina Otaku Uprising into performing at Animazement. Here are scripts of the musicals we've put on so far. Evangelion! The Musical (Animazement 2005), It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time: A Musical Comedy About Convention Running (Animazement 2006), and JET! Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Kancho (Animazement 2007). Here's the awesome flyer COUP stalwart Lici made for the JET musical. Also, with special thanks to COUP stalwart Bloodworth, here's the "Kancho: Threat or Menace?" video from the Jet Musical.

For an even more obscure bit of parody, my reaction to the 2004 Tentmoot scandal wound up being published as an appendix to a book about the affair, When The Fan Hits The Shit by Jeanine Renne. However, you can read "The Orange Blossom Special" right here. For something more general that doesn't require a long LiveJournal post to set up the joke, there's also "A Girl Named Mary Sue".

Via a comment posted on Making Light, Sam and Frodo Blues are The Shire Brothers.

WXDU kicks your ass all over Durham. Tune in to WXDU-Durham 88.7 every Monday morning from 7-9am to listen to whatever weirdness I happen to be spewing out at the moment. If you'd like an idea of the sort of music I play on my show, here's an archive of my more recent playlists. And, yes, you can listen to the station online.

If for some reason you wanted to read an interview with me about things like Animazement, Hell, musicals, and WXDU, my pal Mike Moon has you covered in an edition of his Catgirl Critics' Media Mewsings column.

I have developed a secret weapon in the war against telemarketing: The Magic 8-Ball.

I was asked by someone on the NeoGAF forum to write up a list of old school anime, defined as anything before Evangelion. I'm not sure about that definition myself, but I obliged and you can see my list with comments here. By the way, if you're wondering what NeoGAF is like, I think this might give you an idea. I also have some comments on forum moderation offered when someone asked what it was like to be a mod. Some forum posts I've made there that may be of interest include my two part analysis of early video game flyers (which is to say hot Pong action the way you like it) and a look at 70s video games whose graphics still hold up somewhat. Having said all that, these days I hang out at ResetEra, which I would recommend as a superior video game forum to electronically loiter at.

On the off-chance you wanted to know, here are some of my top ten favorite things.

Approps of nothing, I wrote up my Top 10 films directed by Quentin Tarantino, complete with rambling commentary.

Read the saga of the Chimera Rescue Squad.

Maison Ikkoku: The Missing Episodes

The Top Ten Ways To Tell You've Been To Too Many Anime Cons

The Top Ten Yu Suzuki Pick Up Lines

For all you Stephen King fans out there, here are the top ten endings to the Dark Tower saga.

Finally, in the in-joke department we have "MonkeyFest" (a parody of "Pool Party" by the Aquabats) and Tim Ruggieri has a posse.

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