Internet Pioneers

Photo Credits

Unless otherwise noted all photos included in this site were found on the web and sources could not be identified. If anyone has information as to the source of any photos not credited here, please email me and I will credit them.

Vannevar Bush page

Fourth photo - NASA.

J. C. R. Licklider page

First photo - the MIT Museum.

Second photo - BBN

Third photo - PBS

Larry Roberts page

First photo - Larry Roberts

Third photo - Frank Heart

Paul Baran page

First photo - Paul Baran

Bob Metcalfe page

second photo - PBS

Fourth photo - IDG

Doug Engelbart page

First photo - Bootstrap Institute

Second photo - Salon

Vint Cerf page

First photo - Vint Cerf

Second photo - Techreview

Ted Nelson page

Second photo - Ted Nelson

Tim Berners-Lee page

First photo - Tim Berners-Lee

Marc Andreesen page

Third photo - The Standard







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