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McGuinn Again

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The Independent has a nice write up on Roger McGuinn’s visit to Jocelyn Neal’s History of Country Music class in late October. A timeless visit, I guess ;->.

Afro-Celts on WUNC State of Things for download

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Michael Newton’s State of Things session on the Afro-Celts is now available for download.

Google Map overestimates OBX trip time

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With the blazing new roads that now take us to the Lone Cedar Restaurant at legal speeds of up to 70 mph, the trip out to Ocracoke is a much faster one than advertized. Of course the reduced ferry schedule nearly makes up for the time savings. We made it to the Ocracoke – Hatteras ferry at 4 past 7 am this morning. In time to see the ferry round the end of the island. The next ferry was at 8 am. Luckily the friendly station mistress was generous enough to share some of her coffee and some talk.
We still made it to Chapel Hill in record (for us) time and in time for Tucker to get to his afternoon meeting.