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Discovered or possibly imagined by David Harrison, a unrediscoverable headline reading “New York TransFatWa.” As in “New York City health authorities voted unanimously on Tuesday to ban the use of artificial cooking oils, known as trans fats, in the city’s eateries [actual wording in NewScientist]; in doing so they have declared a TransFatWa [imagined portion with great new word].

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Dave Weinberger
I get to welcome Dr. Weinberger to SILS and to UNC before his Henderson Lecture here on Thursday December 7 at 2 pm. I believe that Fred will to the introduction. I’m standing in for our Dean who has a conflict.

The best part is that I get to invite everyone to a reception at the end of the talk. You have to come to the talk to learn the location of the reception.

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I’ve been building my brief talk (30 minutes is brief if you are me) for NCREN Community Day (Friday!). The slides/notes/pages/links for the talk are on my wiki (your comments, suggestions and additions are welcome as usual).

One interesting thing to see is the impact of ibiblio on the NCREN National Lambda Rail link to Atlanta since July 1 (bottom of the page).

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