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The ibiblio site dedicated to the missing bomb, Broken Arrow, made by Cliff Nelson, Nick Harrison, Andrew Leung and Megan Butler in my class back in 2000 was just discovered by Fark.

See the discussion here. Over 12,000 reads and over 135 comments so far and climbing.

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On a little walk I took around town of Wednesday, I noticed a couple of sign additions.

One welcome and even better when further updated was in front of one of Chapel Hill’s ugliest buildings, the former Wicked Burrito.

The other more disquietening was/is at the crosswalk at mid-Franklin Street.

I mentioned the Alien Invasion posting in an earlier article.

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I’ve wondered for a long time why UNC coeds seem to be blonder as an average of the population as opposed to the perceived (by me) general North Carolina population. Now looking over Tea Birds, I notice that blondes dominate the pictures. Why?

By the way is it “blond” or “blonde”? Here’s what Wikipedia says, but do you agree?

And where are the Red-Heads!

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