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And Perhaps to Mate…

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Everyone in our School is excited by “The March of the Librarians.”

4 Responses to “And Perhaps to Mate…”

  1. Simon Spero says:

    Bah – no shots of me :)

  2. BrianR says:

    As a shy kid I lived in libraries. In college I hung out there instead of bars. Thank you friendly and helpful librarians who’ve helped me so!

  3. Paul says:

    But did they mate?

  4. Mr Brown says:

    i got busted smoking a certain substance in the stairway at my skool’s liberry by an actual libarian. he spotted my cart (i was supposed to be shelving) and tracked me to my lair, which was open to the breeze.

    all this fine gent did was to tell me to get back to shelving, and dont be doin what i ben doin no more. kept my job, and kept shelvin while on duty.

    of course, most of the braians at that skool were some kinds of weirdo artists in their real life, painting and constructing and installing, so they were a really good bunch to work for.

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