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Blog Together – Feb 12 (press mentions etc)

Paul, · Categories: General, Information Commons, Virtual Communities

Nice story in the Chapel Hill Herald about the Triangle Bloggers Convention tomorrow! Arrgh! We need signage and more. But all will be great in time. The room is very high tech and very nice. Power outlets are built into every seat. The place is covered by a wireless mesh. There are cameras. There are projectors. There are cushioned seats. This is uptown. is bringing coffee and pastries. Don’t bring them in the auditorium tho.

2 Responses to “Blog Together – Feb 12 (press mentions etc)”

  1. Cathy Resmer says:

    Hey Paul! Thanks for helping me register my laptop for wi-fi. Looking forward to the conference. I liked the Herald story. See you tomorrow.

  2. Bob Stepno says:

    Say hi to Dave for me… Wish I could have made the trip, but UT Knoxville had a research conference of its own Friday with Mike Godwin, which ruled out early departure. I’ll be grading papers all weekend anyway. Onward.

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