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Books of summer

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Summer starts out with booklists and online book clubs, Marcy Smith alerts us to the News and Observer discussions here.

Michael Tiemann is all wound up over Blooker prize finalist Lyle Estill’s new book, Small is Possible, and reviews the book here [Miraverse], and here [Open Source Initiative] and here [Amazon].

The Real John Dancy-Jones is Rambling around and Rambling about Raleigh and noticing and reporting on Nature around Raleigh at RaleighNature.

What am I reading?

3 Responses to “Books of summer”

  1. Mr Brown says:

    my medium-sized collection of Bukowski poems, stories and novels
    the fascinating Ray Bradbury novel, Death is a Lonely Business
    Zeroville, bt Steve Erickson
    Voices From the Street, by PKD
    and, when I have time, the Tufte books I got at his lecture, including Mrs Tufte’s “Artful Sentences”

    I’d re-read my Hammet, but its been too recent. What is your favorite story? I like “The House on Turk Street”. You should get the collected Raymond Chander as well.

    all while listening to Hunky Dory.

  2. Paul says:

    not got to hammett yet. read all of chandler in the spring. great stuff even the reMarlowed stories

  3. Mr Brown says:

    well, you should (all) definitely check out Death is a Lonely Business. Great stuff. This isn’t ‘R is for Rocket’. Filled with addiction, perversion, decay — you know, modern novel type material.

    You read many Japanese authors (in xlation, obviously)? Both Murakamis are good, one (haruki) magical realism, the other (ryu) gritty realism.

    In Brazil, try Patricia Melo. If you liked movie “City of God” you’ll get a huge kick out of her stuff.

    And dont forget everything that NYRB Press publishes by Georges Simeon.

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