Carolina RollerGirls
Who am I to judge? I mean if a bunch of 30-something chicks wanna take on some badass names and lace up skates and bang the hell out of each other, let ‘em got for it. I personally avoid pain the way that the Buddha avoids duality and the men in my family all get osteoporosis very early. These chicks, some of whom I know and I woulda thought were settling down, are not going gentle into a good night or to anywhere else.

4 Responses to “Carolina Roller Girls”
  1. Kristina says:

    Alas. There but for a total lack of physical coordination go I.


  2. Ruby says:

    I would totally do that except for my irrational fear of falling down.

  3. Zella says:

    I’m settled down, house, husband, kids, and i love it! and i’m 23!

  4. Ruby says:

    And I’m 34, you prove my point. ;-)

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