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Desegregating Chapel Hill

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Sally will be leading a panel at the Wilson Library on Tuesday January 30: Discussion, 5:30-7 pm, Pleasants Family Assembly Room, Wilson Library “Pressing the Hold-outs: The Desegregation Demonstrations of 1963-64″

On the panel will be:

Quinton Baker: Leader in the 1963-64 sit-ins; one of the protagonists of John Ehle’s book “The Free Men”
Karen Parker: Activist in the 1963-64 sit-ins; first black female to earn her undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill
Braxton Foushee: Activist in the sit-ins; graduate of Lincoln High School; later became a member of the Carrboro Board of Aldermen and the School Board
Erika Stallings: Current UNC-Chapel Hill student; active in Campus Y, Black Student Movement, and Student Government

Discussion at OrangePolitics (where Sally in a comment tells us of a previously unannounced guest of great importance)

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