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Edwardses welcomed to CHill/Cboro

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Closer to being Carrborators than CHellians, John and Elizabeth Edwards were receiving a warm — even heated — reintroduction to the area (both went to Law School here and John is at the Law School now) from Orange Politics. Elizabeth Edwards has replied and is part of the OP community already.

Why doesn’t OP have TrackBacks?

2 Responses to “Edwardses welcomed to CHill/Cboro”

  1. Ruby says:

    Excellent question, Paul!

    Until now, there weren’t many other blogs that were talking about OP or vice versa. I figured all the trackback stuff would confuse more people than it would help. Plus moderating them seemed tricky.

    But now that you and the Indy blogs ( are on the scene, I will see if I can turn them back on without having to modify my customized theme.

    Thanks for the poke about it! ;-)

  2. Jason Baker says:

    Hah. Figures. That’s what I get for telling Erin that defending the Edwards’ on OP isn’t going to get her anywhere. I stuck my foot in my mouth so deep I’m choking.

    I hope E.E sticks around, though. John’s presidential aspirations aside (I better not mention anything about why my home county of Buncombe joined Orange in voting Kucinich last primary season), those two have some good ideas, and the drive to get something done.

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