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Elvis Costello and NC Symphony setlist

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Will clean up in the morning

Elvis introduces the night and the Orchestra starts on his “Il Sogno,” his “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.” Puck is a jazz sax fairy.

Elvis on guitar “All the Useless Beauty”

Steve Nieve arrangement of “Still too soon to know”

God Bless the Dixie Chicks says Elvis

“Birds will still be singing” from the Juilette Letters


“The Girl in the Other Room”

“Veronica” written with Paul McCarthy
Orchestra reprises the ending

Steve Nieve arrangement of “Green Shirt”

“Shipbuilding” credits Chet Baker’s playing for driving the new arrangement

“River in Reverse” aka “Wake me up”

Nativity song in a refuge camp says El. “(Found Myself in) Bedlam”

“(What’s so funny about) Peace, Love and Understanding”

Written with T-Bone Burnett for Alison Krause. “Scarlet Tide” A war widow’s distrust of government says El. Then a bit about how he loves being in a country with a written constitution.

Peter Gunn theme woven into “Watching the Detectives” with alto and soprano sax solos


“God Give Me Strength”

“Still have that other girl in my head”

“Accidents will happen”

“Allison” with orchestra intro then to solo guitar then orchestra reenters then fade to “Tracks of My Tears”

“Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 4″ from “Mighty Like A Rose”

3 Responses to “Elvis Costello and NC Symphony setlist”

  1. deanya says:

    Sounds like a great show! I haven’t seen Elvis in many years, and this one sounds like a keeper.

  2. Paul says:

    Elvis and Steve do this symphony thing pretty regularly. The next night they did it in Minn. But after that, like now, he’s a solo opening act for Bob Dylan in a bunch of arenas.

  3. Holden Richards says:

    I was there!! It was good I wrote about it on my blog as well.
    Thanks for the set list though.

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