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Full Frame Festival and Panels (April 7 – 10)

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Full Frame Festival logo
Laurie Racine, President of the Full Frame Documentary Festival which is upcoming April 7 – 10, writes to alert us and to invite us to several panels of interest at the Festival.

Some information is on the Festival site, but more specifically there are three flyers (decribed and linked below), grouping the panels by area of interest:

  1. IP and first amendment [PDF poster]
    • Friday 10 am – Intellectual Property: New Rules
    • Saturday 11 am – Speak Out: Risky Business
  2. distribution and the film industry [PDF poster]
    • Sat 9 am – 3 Billion Films: A workshop onf subtitling technology
    • Fri 2:15 pm – Film Distributors: Finding the one that’s right for you
    • Fri 12 pm – TV Broadcasters: Finding the one that’s right for you
  3. filmmaking [PDF poster]
    • Fri 4:40 pm – Heyday: The reality of theatrical success
    • Sat 1:45 pm – Soul of the Story: filmmakers and their personal journeys
    • Sun 9:30 am – Kultur/Culture: The Turkish American Exchange Project

[further details and additional panels here]

One Response to “Full Frame Festival and Panels (April 7 – 10)”

  1. The festival look great, as always. Too bad their website is so hard to use! I guess I’ll wait ’till someone else digests it for me and tells me what I want to see.

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