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Gillmor: “We the (Traditional) Media” on Nov 13

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Dan Gillmor
What: We the (Traditional) Media: As citizen media explodes, journalism organizations are finally beginning to understand — and use — the tools and techniques. We’ll look at how this is happening, how far it may go and why it matters.
Who: Dan Gillmor, Director of the Center for Citizen Media and author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism By the People, For the People
When: Monday November 13 beginning at 4 pm
Where: Pleasants Family Room, Wilson Library, UNC-CH


2 Responses to “Gillmor: “We the (Traditional) Media” on Nov 13”

  1. um… like this one. I would really like to video tape this one ;)


  2. Paul says:

    Sure. Show on up. We’ll probably also tape for the ibiblio speakers archives but the more the merrier.

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