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Green Dazed

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Green Day’s show was not only about professionalism (despite being a punk band, well sorta in the beginning) and spectacle (flames, lights, confetti, water, etc) but also about audience involvement. From posting SMS messages to projected screens (yes ours got posted) to pulling audience members on stage to form an impromptu band with chants, waves, call response and rushes toward the crowd inbetween.
preshow – phone pix and sms messages from the crowd posted on screens
jimmy eat world – okay and energetic
giant pink rabbit – okay, not giant just some one is a rabbit suit teasing the crowd with small pink rabbit toys and dancing to the Village People’s YMCA then disolving into the Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop That Ho-Hi-Let’s Go would recur throughout the night.
American Idiot – many better set lists on the net which i will find in a bit
Jesus of Suburbia
Saint Jimmy

Shout in the best James Brown style disolving into Stand By Me then back to Shout
Wake Me Up When September Ends

Blvd of Broken Dreams
Cover of Queen’s We are the Champions
Time of Your Life

[more to be said later -- off to meeting]

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  1. James Brown says:

    Godfather of Soul Singer James Brown Dead at 73

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