At the risk of being a David Menconi Fanboy, let me recommend his 1994 review of my neighbor Michael Galinsky‘s film “Half-cocked.” Michael and his then girl-friend now wife Suki Hawley made the film about an accidental indy band over a decade ago and it’s had strong underground/cult following since. The DVD is just out (last week) and showings are scheduled for various Triangle venues (see Menconi for listings).

2 Responses to “Half-cocked still rocks”
  1. cmpalmer says:

    Any chance of getting Free Culture to do a screening? I’d put up some dough to help buy a copy. Would a screening on campus for a small group be Kosher?

    Time to go listen to some Stereolab…

  2. Paul says:

    As wonderful as “Half-cocked” is it is not a Free Culture movie. It’s an indy film with a traditional license.

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