CNet notices that Peter Spellman of Berklee blogging for has some good ideas on how bands and musicians might get paid through Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing. Peter names names of services that can help fans pay bands and then comes to this conclusion, which is straight out of the ClueTrain Manifesto (if you ask me):

Today’s consumers are no longer passive recipients of brand messages. They’ve become active participants in co-creating the brands (and bands) they love. One more reason why you need to build community around your own product and service experience at your site. It’s a worthwhile investment toward building customers, er, believers, who will be there for life.

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  1. Crowded says:

    Isn’t this the concept around the Tennent’s Mutual concept? It’s nice to see a brand (beer) grab ahold of the concept so strongly and promote music along side the crowd

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