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LolCats meets Scrabble

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When I tried playing panzy in Scrabble, I was quickly shutdown. But then I tried fizx and the other players really got mad. But my master stroke was changing store to ruustore for a pile of points. My making crowing noises convinced no one that I might have a new useful spelling.

Then Tucker found this lolcat and I was almost given my points back for fizx. He had tried mooter which we later that evening found on a vanity license plate. He wanted points for that…

2 Responses to “LolCats meets Scrabble”

  1. deanya says:

    there’s an implication here that cats would be bad spellers. i’m offended.

  2. Paul says:

    Perhaps not all cats, but lolcats certainly (by definition). And not “bad” but creative if not cute. see

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