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Long Tail Party in NYC and JJB

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I couldn’t get up to NYC for the great book party for Chris Anderson‘s Long Tail so’s JJB took my invite and represented ibiblio by doing some serious partying. CNet has the story in which JJB gets the last words:

The crowd was an enthusiastic one. “It’s beautiful,” said John Bachir, an engineer for the online information archive Ibiblio. “It’s dangerous to say that it’s the ideal of Marx, but it is the ideal of Marx. [sic] In a controlled way.”

After saying that, Bachir glanced at this reporter’s notebook and added, “Make sure you mention that I’m not a Marxist, okay?”

One Response to “Long Tail Party in NYC and JJB”

  1. jjb says:

    I’ll be glad to represent ibiblio at all the exclusive NYC parties to which you get invited Paul.

    Amazing that that cute girl turned out to be a reporter.

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