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No Law (the book, the conference)

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No Law!

Anyone who can write a sentence like this one:

No one who has ever savored a Corona Extra and a grilled cheese sandwich hastily cooked on a well-crusted one-burner hotplate and served at sundown from the not-all-that-sanitary hands of besandled sprites in tie-dye apparel, which wandering amidst the jumbled array of gaily painted one-time school buses and VW Micros (ideally the model with opera windows, like the one Arlo Guthrie drove to the dump in Alice’s Restaurant), in a pleasant haze of body odor, burning grease, and patchouli, is likely to forget the experience, or what it meant to one’s understanding of transcendence.

and manages to get it woven into a book from Stanford University Law School Press under the title of No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment deserves a party if not a respectable gathering of legal scholars and a free lunch. Personally I would, if able, give much more. Unable to give more, I give my proper respect and my attendance at the conference.

Tomorrow (Saturday March 21) will not only be the first day of Spring but the Conference to Honor the Publication of No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment honoring not only the book but the authors — David Lange, who surely wrote the sentence quoted, and H. Jefferson Powell.

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