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Our House (and others of the period)

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Designed by Terry Waugh and shown all together at Triangle Modernist Houses by George Smart.
Our house in 1952Our house in 2003

4 Responses to “Our House (and others of the period)”

  1. deanya says:

    OMG! Do you live in a modernist home?? I *was* only jealous of your job, your intelligence, and your devotion to blogging. I’ll have to add covetousness to my list of sins…

  2. Paul says:

    would you settle for Envy? I think that is a choice. But you would have to age several decades. I enjoyed them but I wish them on no one else.

  3. ken says:

    What a great house! When’s the next party…

  4. Mr Brown says:

    Want a picture of the lovely, though tragically flawed, Deck House at Crazyland?

    What flaws? Overhung floors let the cold and heat in. High ceilings collect pockets of hot air in summer and cold air in winter, unless ceiling fans are installed. Single-glazed casement windows are NOT energy efficient. Small bedrooms are cut off from airflow for the most part. Don’t ask about the ducts.

    What beauty? Huge central fireplace with bluestone granite floating hearth heats all living area when blazing. Big (double-glazed) glass walls. Ideal SSW exposure so that sun is directly overhead in summer and pours in in winter. Big, solid front door with wavy-glass panel by its side. Excellent birdwatching. Downstairs stays cool in summer due to half-basement style. Warm in winter since the furnace is there. And the sheer geometrical interestingness of almost every wall in the house.

    i hope i never live in a ‘conventional’ house again.

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