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P2P Panel @ IP Symposium

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The UNC-TV stream that is labeled Koleman Strumpf is actually a P2P panel chaired by Koleman which features John Buckman of, Gene Hoffman founder of, Ed Klaris of The New Yorker, Adam Toll of, Sam Yagan of eDonkey, Tor Hansen of Redeye Distribution and Yep Roc Records, and Roger McGuinn musician.

The attendees have a lot to say too. In this session, we hear from Robert Kaye of MusicBrainz, Cory Doctorow, Chris DiBona of Google, Roy Kaufman of Wiley and Sons, Laurie Racine of Center for the Public Domain, JJB of ibiblio’s Lyceum project and others I can’t identify just now.

It’s about a 2 hour stream with a bit of hollow sound, but well worth hearing what this wide variety of folks have to say.

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