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Podcasting and iTunes delight

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We tuned up Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den and registered the podcast with iTunes lately. We’d been podcasting it for a while, but the iTunes subscription service makes it really easy to get new audio into your player — if that player is iTunes.
I have the about 100 songs from the Folk Den in my player when I saw a new song just show up! This is exactly what is supposed to happen, but it was still amazing. Roger had just added the song to the Folk Den about 5 minutes or so earlier. Without any effort other than subscribing to our RSS feed, I had the song there and ready to play and/or transfer to my iPod.

We have some work to do on the metadata, but we’ll be working on that and on a WordPress version of the Folk Den next.

Other podcasts I enjoy are Harry Shearer’s Le Show from KCRW (also easy to subcribe to on iTunes) and Brian Russell’s

Bonus: Catch up with Roger and Camilla at Roger’s blog.

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