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Science Blogging Conference gets closer

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Science Blogging Conference

Saturday January 20th is not so far away.

The Science Bloggers Conference is just around the corner. We’ve got over 140 people signed up as of this writing.

Anton says we can handle 150.
So go register now!

New Conference news from Anton: Burroughs Wellcome Fund and BlogAds have signed on as sponsors. Grab bag items will include: copies of The Lancet (Jan 6-12 issue), copies of American Scientist (Jan-Feb issue), and bookmarks and notepads from the NC Science, Math and Technology Education Center, copies of Seed Magazine, and assorted books from HarperCollins (Best American Science Writing 2006 and 3 other titles), copies of The Scientist Magazine, and copies of Nature. We’ll also get  copies of a science DVD from The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

One Response to “Science Blogging Conference gets closer”

  1. coturnix says:

    Just the swag bag is worth registering for this! LOL

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