Steve writes in the comments of the only post remaining on the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog:

Mystic SteveDudes, I had no idea this blog was getting read so widely. I’m being held in captivity during the WWDC — scary story of rendition etc., which will be my firt new post. Anyway, I will relaunch soon, not sure where yet. Will keep you friggin informed. Like, with a post here or whatever. And FYI this is NOT an Apple publicity stunt. You really don’t think they have that much sense of humor, do you?
Fake Steve.

5:40 AM

One Response to “Secret Diary of Steve Jobs to Return?”
  1. Neil says:

    I remain unconvinced that the new fake is the same personna as the old fake. See my lens at Squidoo for more as well as for Fake Steve T-shirts.

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