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The Eternal Optimism of Peots

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Just received in email:

Date: Thu,  1 Feb 2007 06:48:33 -0500 (EST)
From: gabriel
To: Paul_Jones@XXXXXX
Subject: peoms for sale

cGood day,,
i am mr gabriel ,i am a peom writer based in africa.I WRITE peoms
based on any topic.i have peoms for sell with various topics so i
decided to contact you.
The topics are listed below,

(6)THE IRONY OF LIFE————-$6500
(7)THE IRONY OF LIFE————-$6500

This peoms are peoms written by me and which have not been
posted out to the public and are peoms that has impact in peoples
life and can change people for the best in life.
please if interested,you can send me your,
I will recieve my payment through western union money transfer
i will be expecting to hear from you soonest and the peom will be
deleverd to you via DHL OR FEDEX.

yours sincerely,


3 Responses to “The Eternal Optimism of Peots”

  1. MT.Net says:

    Wow, and just in time for Valenteno’s Day, too!

  2. Daryl says:

    The editors of Poetry Magazine rearranged the title of last year’s humor edition to “PEOTRY.” Guess this guy read just the one issue.

  3. cabdirizak says:

    i am Somali man who loves your love poets

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