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The unintentional Gates d’ ibiblio

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Not Bill Gates but more the Gates of Christo done on the cheap. The effort, struggle really, to rewire Manning Hall to conform to some standard which I do not completely understand has finally reached our office here at ibiblio. As a result, we are mostly working from home, the library or at secret places where I’d rather not be aware of (being the boss).
The aesthetic effect on the office is not to be ignored. It can’t be ignored. Here are a few quick shots for your viewing pleasure. If only the plastic were orange. But then the grey translucent goes better with our office color scheme.

3 Responses to “The unintentional Gates d’ ibiblio”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will this be the 4th age of the purple lounge?

  2. Jim Ray says:

    I prefer the Somerville Gates myself…

  3. Jim Ray says:

    Oh, bugger. Well, there’s this anyhow

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