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Unsafe nerfs (back in the day)

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burning nerf ball
Possibly and probably Nerf Balls no longer no longer burst “into flames about two seconds after contact with a lit match” as Consumer Reports discovered that they did back in 1971.

You can thrill to pictures and tests of vintage products from Consumer Reports testing while I run out and pour some gasoline down a yellow jacket nest.

Tonight’s safety question: Do I set the nest on fire after dousing it or not?

3 Responses to “Unsafe nerfs (back in the day)”

  1. jr says:

    Probably not a good idea if:

    The nest is attached to your house. The house is where you have lived for twenty years, The house where you store your one of a kind collection that took all twenty years to collect. The house where all your money is hidden under the mattress in the room next to the nest.

    If not, sure why not.

  2. WillR says:

    Ummm, aren’t you supposed to wait until the first yellow jacket strikes up a post-coital cig?

  3. Paul says:

    As a postscript, I first flushed the nest hole and the area around it with water — from a distance using a hose. Then I waited til dark. Good and dark. Next I poured a very toxic amount of gas — I know that rotenode is recommended, but I used gas — in the hole.
    In the morning, there were no more yellow jackets.
    Since I have seen a few but none near that nest site.

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