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Who is the more closely related to E. L. Doctorow?

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Cory Doctorow was here at UNC and at Duke yesterday speaking. Don’t worry if you missed the UNC talk; it’ll be online at the ibiblio speakers site early next week (Thanks, Joey).

Today we shot some video for Red Hat Magazine. One thing we didn’t talk about is: Who in the room is most closely related to E. L. Doctorow? Several folks have made the claim for Cory including his Wikipedia entry. I confess as you may have guessed; I am much more closely related to Uncle Edgar than Cory. E. L. “Uncle Edgar” Doctorow is married to my Grandmother’s sister. They met at Kenyon College. She from Hickory, NC and he from New York City.

Watch for the videos soon (I’ll post as soon as I learn they are available).

2 Responses to “Who is the more closely related to E. L. Doctorow?”

  1. b. says:

    You totally should have mentioned that. Failing the ability to argue it out rationally, we would have made ya’ll arm wrestle for it, which would have been great footage… ;)

  2. Paul says:

    You have some great footage if you leave in some of our better moments — those same great moments may cause the RHT lawyers’ heads to explode though ;->

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