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You are the Person of the Year

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And so am I. Time chooses YOU, meaning all of us participating in media and information construction and sharing on the Internet, as their Man (now Person) of the Year.

Time begins: “Person of the Year: You — Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.”

As long as we have Net Neutrality that will be true.

And JJB points us to a Chrysler advert which gets it right by getting it wrong.

Dan Gillmor points out that the correct pronoun would be US not YOU.

NOTE to pathetic PR employees working for the anti-Net Neutrality duopoly: I won’t allow your obvious spammish links and misleading comments on this blog. In fact I’m more likely to do even more pro-Net Neutrality articles in response to your postings.

3 Responses to “You are the Person of the Year”

  1. David Temple says:

    Sorry Paul but you are NOT the person of the year. I know who it is and its definitely not you.

  2. anti-Net Neutrality people. Talk about annoyatrons.

    Thinking about “you”, Paul: do you think the people at the big eye mean by “you” the poetic “you” or the dictatorial “you”?

  3. Paul says:

    “You” in this case is an excuse to put a square of mylar on the cover of “your” magazine. I think Dan Gillmor (see link above) has the pronoun usage properly pegged.

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