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Simon and the Sun

We actually had two low points during the Great Sunsite Demo of 1992. Paul mentioned the first one above. The second? Well, there was a stunned silence in the room when the drawing for the door prize - a Sun workstation - was held and Mr. Simon Spero himself won! Jim

Nash and the Naming History of Eris

During his tenure at SunSITE, Nash Foster came into possession of a Macintosh workstation of unknown make (somewhere in the LC II or III range, probably?). He promptly named the machine "Eris," in honor of the well-known goddess of discord. The machine was, ever after, horribly erratic in its behavior: continual hard disk problems, hardware failures and software bugs impossible to replicate and fixed by unknown provenance would routinely manifest. Later, Michael Williams inherited it as his day-to-day workstation and renamed the hard drive to "Esme," an allusion to the aged, wise and above all highly reliable eldest witch of Lancre from Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" series of satirical novels. "Esme" promptly became the best-behaved workhorse in the MetaLab offices.

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