Open Source, Open Access, Open Format, Open Content at SILS and UNC

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Open approaches to research, teaching, and service are changing many of our fields whether or not we're prepared for the changes. We would like to come together to find our common interests, challenges, and opportunities so that together we can be ahead of the curve in our various fields.


SILS Classes with Openness

Notes from August 29th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion

Announcement of August 29th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion

Highly Tentative Agenda for August 29th Discussion

Announcement of July 9th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion

The discussion served as both an introduction of the various interested parties and a rough sketch of our points of view on each of the areas (Code, Access, Formats, Content, Culture) of openness and each of the major institutional functions (research, teaching and learning, service and practice).

You can watch video of the brown bag here (first half) and here (second half). Audio is significantly more understandable if you wear headphones.

Readings on Open whatever, Culture and Policy

Notes from July 9th, 2008 Brown Bag Discussion

UNC SILS projects, papers, classes and software dealing with Open whatever

Proposal Sketch for an Open Source Concentration

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